Sign in to Powerdrill

To start your Powerdrill journey, first you need to sign in to Powerdrill.

  1. Visit and click Sign In in the upper-right corner.

  2. Sign in with your email.

    We recommend that you use your organization email to sign in to get a USD 15 coupon. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Google, GitHub, or LinkedIn account.

Let’s chat

After sign-in, you can start your chat directly. Enter your prompt in the message box at the bottom, and click Start a New Chat.

  • If you want to chat with your dataset, click the Attachments icon in the upper-left corner of the message box to upload your data sources.

  • If you want to chat with images, click the Upload Images icon to upload images.

  • If you want to chat with audio, click the Upload Audio icon to upload audio.

Share your chat

Powerdrill allows you to share you chat history with your through clicks.

  1. In your chat session, click the Share icon in the upper-right corner.

  2. Select the records you want to share, or select Select the latest 50 records in the lower-left corner, and click Continue.

  3. In the dialog box that is displayed, configure the chat share:

    • To share by email, enter the emails in the Share by Email field and click Send to Email.

    • To share as a link, click Copy Link. Then you can paste the link to those who you want to share the chat with.

    You can switch on the Share my profile option to let those who receive the chat history with your profile displayed.

After you create a dataset, you can share it with those who you trust in a pretty simple way.

Explore more about Powerdrill?

Powerdrill provides several outstanding features. These features make Powerdrill distinct from other ordinary chat clients or services.

  • Multimedia Input/Output: understands images, generates images based on prompts, converts text to audio, and converts audio to text.
  • Smart DocMap: provides well-organized references, curated mind maps, and other info that help you understand your data.
  • Advanced Analytics: analyzes your data to give full play to the value of your data.
  • Chat App over Dataset: provides smarter and more accurate answers to questions based on your datasets than ChatGPT.
  • LLM Chat Proxy: allows you to access OpenAI ChatGPT client tools without an OpenAI account.
  • LLM Chat Proxy with Dataset: allows access to ChatGPT client tools over your datasets without an OpenAI account.
  • No-code App Builder: enables you to build apps by simply writing prompts using natural language, with ZERO code required.
  • Dataset Sharing: Enables you to share your datasets in an easy, governed manner.

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