Smart DocMap is a novel approach crafted by Powerdrill to streamline data comprehension, empowering you to uncover valuable insights and navigate your data landscape with confidence. Smart DocMap offers a suite of services including well-organized references, curated mind maps, knowledge graphs, and so on, providing you with the tools to explore your data with ease and precision.

By seamlessly integrating these services, Smart DocMap transforms the way you interact with information, fostering greater efficiency, clarity, and productivity. Currently, the references service is available, enabling you to:

  • Know which segments of the answer are orignated from your dataset.

  • Effortlessly pinpoint the referenced segment.

  • Check all references in a well-organized panel.

How to use this feature

Check references

  1. Sign in to Powerdrill.

  2. Select the dataset that you want to use or create a new one.

    If you’re already in the middle of a chat, you can select or create a databset in the Associated Dataset area at the upper right corner of your chat session.

  3. Ask any questions about your dataset.

  4. If you want to know the source of a specific answer segment, click the number at the end of that segment. Then, you can review the source at the right-hand Summary panel.

    If you want to know all sources referenced in the answer, you can click N Sources at the rigt corner of the answer to expand the Summary panel.

  5. After reviewing a reference in the Summary panel, you can click Locate Answer in the upper right corner to navigate to the corresponding answer.

Watch a demo