The LLM Chat Proxy feature is designed to help you quickly and easily utilize LLM services. With this feature, you don’t need to have an OpenAI account and can still access OpenAI ChatGPT client tools. This feature is particularly useful if you have difficulties in obtaining an OpenAI account.

The following figure illustrates how this feature works.

How to use this feature


  • You have signed in to Powerdrill. For more information about how to sign in to Powerdrill, see Step 1 in Try Out Powerdrill in 3 Minutes.
  • You have installed the target OpenAI Chat client software or signed in to the target service.


  1. Click your profile in the lower-left corner and select OpenAI Proxy.

  2. In the OpenAI Proxy dialog box, copy the proxy URL and proxy token and paste them to the corresponding fields in the software or service you use.

  3. Start chatting by using the software or service.

Contributions and rewards

The following table lists some commonly used OpenAI Chat client software or services that you can start using immediately:

Software or serviceURL
ChatGPT Sidebar
OpenAI Translator

If you discover additional OpenAI client software or services that can be used in conjunction with Powerdrill’s LLM Chat Proxy feature, we welcome your contributions to this document. Once verified for compatibility, we will provide you with additional free usage quota to use Powerdrill features.

You can contribute in the following ways: