The LLM Chat Proxy with Dataset feature is an extension of the LLM Chat Proxy feature. This feature allows you to interact directly with the data in your Powerdrill dataset using an OpenAI’s chat client software or service. By using this feature, you essentially build an AI digital assistant based on your dataset knowledge base using OpenAI’s chat client software or service.

You can immediately use the OpenAI Chat client software or service in the list to configure and use this feature.

The LLM Chat Proxy with Dataset feature provides a unique opportunity to create a personalized AI digital assistant. This assistant can interact directly with your dataset, providing a tailored experience based on your specific data and needs.

How to use this feature


  • You have signed in to Powerdrill and created a dataset with data sources added. For more information about how to sign in to Powerdrill and create a dataset, see Steps 1 and 2 in Try Out Powerdrill in 3 Minutes.
  • You have installed the target OpenAI Chat client software or signed in to the target service.


  1. On the Datasets page, click the target dataset.
  2. On the dataset details page, click the Settings tab.
  3. In the Proxy Information section, copy the proxy URL and proxy token and paste them to the corresponding fields in the chat client you use.

Now, you can start chatting based on your dataset by using the chat client.

Watch a demo

Contributions and rewards

We welcome contributions of other tools to the list. Once verified for usability, we will reward you with additional free usage quota to use Powerdrill features.